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OK so everybody knows about cardio and different types that are out there, such as high strength intensive training (HIIT), Slow express cardio, medium talk about cardio etc. However which is most beneficial and exactly how much should we do to optimise weight loss?

Well that is where my top secret cardio type is necessary. That is right after seeking multiple different kinds of cardio I've found this one is a good for optimising weight loss.

So what could it be you ask?

Well I call it Samurai cardio.


Because Samurai are bad ass, enough said!

Al right enough experimenting, let's get right down to business. What's Samurai cardio? And just why is it so excellent for fat reduction?

Samurai cardio is an assortment of both HIIT and poor condition cardio, and here's how you do it.

First you focus on a 5 min warm-up, this is done on any kind of home cardio equipment or outside it's your decision (this can help prevent accident in the high strength part).

After that you will perform 15 mins of HIIT where you will go all away as hard as you can for 20 secs accompanied by a slow run for 40 moments and replicate it 15 times. (Again you can certainly do this on and any home cardio equipment you prefer. I find outdoor sprints over a field or pattern sprint to be the best.)

Now comes quite part. Once you've completed the HIIT give yourself a few mins to recuperate and loosen up your muscle. Then get into 15 mins of gradual express cardio (again any form you prefer)

Now relax you done!!!

And that is it folks, that's SAMURAI cardio!

Why is this so effective? Well I'll offer you a little the research behind this technique.

Acceptable well HIIT is a kind of anaerobic cardio, signifying it's without air and will have a tendency to use more glucose as a complete source somewhat than fats. Now you may be pondering how is a positive thing for fat reduction? Well the other aftereffect of doing HIIT could it be will release Free Essential fatty acids (Extra fat) into the blood stream which becomes very important and is also where in fact the use of poor state cardio will come in. Usually it could take a great deal longer for poor state cardio to gain access to your excess fat stores to start out losing fat, but by doing HIIT first the free essential fatty acids already are in the bloodstream prepared to be burnt off for energy and that means you will burn far more extra fat overall. Also HIIT creates a much bigger after burn result indicating you will continue using up more calories for 48 hours following the Samurai cardio. This after melt away impact is not within low power cardio.

There you own it my key cardio way of optimising fat reduction. Give it previously, see how you prefer it and i want to know your ideas.

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