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jeniferkevin Aug 6 '17
The water sensor at fivergroup.com exposes two metal plates that complete the circuit as long as the stick is submerged in water, on top of the UV lamp, Blechschmidt explained. This removes the advantages of a power button and supplies a safety measure that prevents users from having their eyes directly confronted with the UV lamp.

“The lamp applies 254-nanometer technology by way of a quartz protector. After the user offers a few quick stirs for the water container, the unit can be left unattended even though it continues to expose moving water molecules towards the sterilizing light,” she said. Stirring allows each of the water molecules to be subjected to the UV light. The stick is long and lightweight so that it is usually left unsupervised in containers of numerous sizes.

The induction charger was created to continually power the stir stick if it is stored inside, also it incorporates a blue LED light power indicator. The charger also provides for a docking station that protects the stir stick and holds it inside a ready-to-use position. With a 45-cm-long power cord, the charger is usually plugged into standard kitchen outlets, eliminating the requirement of complicated installations inside the plumbing system.

The make of the new tools are TrojanUV, whose headquarters will be in Ontario, Canada. TrojanUV says on its website that 20 % of the sewage treatment plants inside U.S. use UV for disinfecting the river, understanding that most newly built plant keep these things from the beginning.

The Madison system includes 96 UV lamps, with 480 volts of ability to illuminate each lamp uv water sterilizer , Bos said. The UV system can treat 9 million gallons per day of treated wastewater, he stated.